Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why didn't the USN cover Phillips' FIRST escape?

This was the second time the Captain had jumped out and tried to swim — followed by swimming pirates.

This time he was given cover by the US forces. Why did the US Navy not give him cover the FIRST time?

Had Obama ordered the Navy not to shoot pirates — and finally the Navy disregarded Obama’s order?


Anonymous said...

I doubt if the Navy disregarded Obama's orders. It's more like someone told Obama "this is it" and went in. The NAVY took this day..not Obama. I'm just thankful that the Captain is now safe and will be reunited with His crew! Kudos to Him for his character and bravery and Kudos to the NAVY for getting the job done!

We don't negotiate with matter what you call them in a politically correct manner.....phhhhhffffftttt!


1950 Democrat said...

Larry Johnson says the sharpshooters weren't there yet at Phillips' first attempt. I wonder how soon Obama let them go there.

Also it's said now that this was not a second swimming attempt.

Comment at by Larry Johnson | 2009-04-12 17:18:58

There were no forces on scene capable of effecting a rescue on Friday. It takes time for those forces to be alerted, grab their gear and board a plane. Then, once in the air, they have to have a place to land, unload their gear and get on the ship. There were two orders–1) Alert and Deployment and 2) Execute Order.

Even in the Alert and Deployment Order there probably was a paragraph authorizing Emergency Assault and defining the conditions under which that should occur.

The personnel capable of doing the shooting did not get on board the ship until sometime on Saturday. The Execute Order include ROE and Emergency Assault Authority at the discretion of the on scene commander.

The system worked.