Saturday, January 16, 2010

A 'rape' mailer not written by Coakley's campaign (nor by the Dems either?)

Politico posted about an 'over the top' rape flier at

One link from Politico leads to Sargent's blog at
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which says:
Meanwhile, the state GOP sends over a statement ripping the Coakley campaign (which didn’t author the memo) as “negative,” “flailing,” and “malicious.”

Poltico's earlier source link, "Via Sargent" leads here:
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where two pages of the ad are shown. The blog says that the ad was "paid for by the Massachusetts Democratic Party" but I have not seen any admission from the MA Dem Party or any evidence that it really was.

If the GOP sent it to the press, and the GOP benefits from it, then the most likely suspect for printing it is the GOP themselves.

The first page of the mailer is so far out that no one could take it seriously. For the GOP to pretend to take it seriously is ... suspicious. ;-)

ETA: Hm, the second page is more accurate. Maybe it was just some frat kids who are sincere about not wanting rape victims to get pregnant.

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