Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bah humbug "Council" summary Sat noon

Here's the official original:

Must go soon, but I just wanted to add this fact about the actual make-up of the 'Council.' So if the 'Council' ever has a meeting and anything that matters comes up for a vote, look who will have the most votes. "While the new council does not have Cabinet rank, the whole Cabinet, from the Secretary of Defense to the US Ambassador to the United Nations, is required to serve on it." "The members are all Cabinet Secretaries and the heads of numerous federal agencies." So is it now about 75% men in Obama's cabinet? They will be automatically on the Council and able to outvote anything the women might come up wtth. (Is the gender parity any better among the "heads of numerous federal agencies"? -- Of course as he needs in future, Obama could make a new executive order defining just which of those heads are on the Council from one meeting to the next. Headed by two cronies, peopled by a large percentage of male appointees.... Very safe design....

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