Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For Madeline, continuing: Clinton/Obama 2008

Another factor on the older woman being by-passsed for a younger man.

Background: In fact Hillary was the more electable candidate. Exit polls showed that she would have beaten McCain by 12% -- Obama only won by 7%

The key is that Obama was young enough to run again in 2016 or later, but because of the Clintons' age and Bill's health, 2008 was probably Hillary's last chance. But there was a win-win solution, which Hillary proposed: a Clinton/Obama ticket.

That would have been an easy GE victory, and given Obama 16 years in the White House. He could fly around giving speeches and not having to deal with any of these problems. After 8 years of the Clintons cleaning things up, Obama would be the obvious nominee, have another easy GE, and a really easy transition.

Instead, Obama went to a lot of trouble to destroythe first woman president's only chance. Hillary could have run for president in 2004 or even 2000, but she had chosen to do her homework, learn the job, work her way up. This left her only the one chance, 2008.

Obama destroyed this, using very nasty tactics and smears, split the Dem voters driving several million to vote for McCain in protest.

Hillary's feminine solution was to promote Obama's future by giving him the VP position. His response was to destroy her future.

*Bill had multiple-bypass heart surgery in 2004 and will be due for it again around 2019

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