Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jarrett's real task at Obama's 'Council on Women'

I expect Jarrett will be quite effective — at her real task which is keeping the women from embarrassing Obama. The ‘Council’ is like the Human Resources job: the purpose is not to help the employees/women, but to keep them quiet, under control, treat them as troublemakers whom the management/Obama must be protected from.

I’m sure that Obama will instruct Jarrett to do some good things for some key supporters — if it does not in any way inconvenience his money backers, and if he cannot try to win votes from the GOP by using it as a bargaining chip instead, as he omitted the family planning money from the Stimulus

He will also instruct her to do some things that look and sound good but in fact hamper the sort of women who voted against him. And some things that look good but don’t cost him anything, or that function as a panacea, causing some women to slack off because they think some issue is now settled.

Jarrett’s help would likely go to where it would get the most bang for its buck for 2012. That’s not likely to be serious money for people who already give their milk for free. It would be token money aimed to impress white guilt liberals who might otherwise start voting their own economic interests or their common sense. Or money to ACORN and other organizations that directly worked for Obama. Etc.

Any judgment of whether the ‘Council fails’ or is ’successful’ will be filtered through his smoke machine and Big Media. He will make Jarrett look good and she will make him look good. That’s her real job. If he had wanted someone who would really work for women, or even take a balanced position — he would have chosen someone familiar with the field and NOT a trusted crony.

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